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About Style Me Guru

Our approach to womenswear is simple: There’s no better feeling than a good fit.

Our mission: To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of mass production in the Fashion Industry.
With the environmental and economic impact in mind, we have built a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single space, with a universal shopping cart tailored by Women's different body types. And a styling service for those seeking a more personalized shopping experience.

This provides Women of all ages, sizes, and body types the ability to identify specific items of clothing suited for their unique bodies and taste. What’s more, this platform gives our members the ability to decrease their spending by generating brand awareness that increases the value of their shopping experience.

Using our unique expertise we look at every designers DNA, then our personal stylists tailor's each item of clothing to find the right match for their shape. Our goal is to help all women feel great about their bodies and what they're wearing. – Martinique Mitchell Founder and CEO


About Martinique Mitchell

Wardrobe Stylist, Image Consultant and Creative Director at Style Me Guru.

Represented by top modeling agencies, IMG, ELITE, LA MODELS AND NTA, and appearing on hit shows, Project Runway and Shear Genius, Martinique has established herself as a world class model and trend setter. Both on and off the runway, she has gained insight on the process of styling an outfit for specific body types and how essential it is in creating a successful look for high end fashion brands.
Learning the fundamentals of how women shop, what makes them feel confident, and why it’s important to embrace a diversity of styling approaches to meet an individuals needs are what inspired her to create a fresh new interactive platform, Style Me Guru.
A platform where women of all shapes and sizes can easily find and purchase garments from top designers, with the help of a professional stylist to suit their own body type.
“I firmly believe that women should feel comfortable with their bodies and that with the right guidance, they can wear fashion that will enhance their inner beauty.”
It is this belief that Martinique intends to share with women around the world, pairing them with expert stylists capable of creating looks worthy of any runway.