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How does your styling service work?

Through one-on-one personal styling, we help you define your style by building a wardrobe of high-quality, versatile, essential and trend pieces.

To get started, just book a service. Your stylist will introduce herself and the conversation between you and your stylist in which she’ll ask you questions about your style and lifestyle so together you can identify your unique goals for working with her.

Your stylist will send you shoppable full head-to-toe outfits designed to fit your body type, lifestyle and budget.

This can be an ongoing process for how ever long you want it, and is based on the dialogue between you and your stylist. If you love an outfit or piece she puts in one of your outfits and want to see more like it, let her know; if something doesn’t work for you, let her know. Your feedback teaches your stylist more about you and your preferences so she style you better with each new look.

Every piece you purchase is your decision and determined only by you, but for how ever long you need, your stylist will be there to help you.

Please reference the homepage for additional information.

Who are Style Me Guru's Stylists and how do I interact with them on your website?

Our stylists are fashion forward, top rated industry professionals- who take pride in their work and love for fashion.

Style Me Guru’s full-time employees go through extensive training regarding women’s clothing, gaining knowledge on the brands we recommend, and forever inspired on how to dress Women.

Our hired stylists come from all different backgrounds, some with inside and outside retail experience.

How to interact with our stylist?

You can interact with your stylist by Instant messenger on your profile page, (Phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person when hiring a stylist from our website). Once you’ve booked a service, one of our stylist will introduce herself to you through messenger. You will receive these messages on your profile page. Whenever she sends you a message or your shoppable outfit looks, it will appear/send to your email.

Styling is a conversation though, so it goes both ways! As your stylist adds to your looks, your feedback is key to your exact taste and preferences. If you love an outfit or piece and want to see more like it, send a message to let her know; if something doesn’t work for you, let her know that as well. Your outfits will be a special product of working one-on-one with your own personal stylist. Many of our stylists are active on social media, so don’t hesitate to add to your profile all your social media accounts so your stylists can get a visual and information on changes with your shape or otherwise that may occur.

Does Style Me Guru sell directly to the public?

Style Me Guru connects you directly to our third party affiliates, allowing an unlimited variety of fashion brands and retail items in one convenient location. Yet when you make a decision to buy a specific item, Style Me Guru links you directly to the brand website which is responsible for completing the transaction, shipping and returns through our fashion links.

All sale terms, shipping and returns are the responsibility of the retailer, not Style Me Guru.

What does Style Me Guru's website offer its customers?

Expert advice tailored specifically to you and your individual needs.

At Style Me Guru, our online personal stylist service intertwine within an interactive-crowdsourcing community filtered by body types, (13 including plus sizes).

Our website has been designed so you can browse and shop a broad range of fashion brands from all over the world. (Your online shopping experience is tailored to you, from your profile you automatically get recommendation on styles, see what others are doing and get fashion recommended by your very own personal stylist, for help anywhere you are). Our website also allows you to interact with and get style inspiration from other women with a similar shapes as your very own.

Style Me Guru’s unique, interactive website is fully integrated to help you envision before you buy and make sure your purchases work best with your existing wardrobe, even when you’re shopping in a traditional offline store.

With the most important part about our online personal shopping and stylist service, is that we are not about excess, we are more concerned with delivering accuracy to our member by limiting unnecessary distractions from your shopping goals at hand. We have set out to achieve this by developing a stylist service that takes the hassle out of your online shopping experience by giving you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Is Style Me Guru a subscription service?

At Style Me Guru, we offer members free admission with the option to book any of our services.

I'm a designer, do you have any partnership or package deals to advertise or market my merchandise on your website?

Yes, at Style Me Guru, we have build our website to accommodate designers. View more here.

How do I get a job working for Style Me Guru as a personal stylist?

Our hiring process is simple, send your resume and any direct links you may have on your social media accounts that show your work and someone will get back to you promptly.


Is there a certain age range that you style or body type that you limit your service to?

Simply put, No. We are not biased at Style Me Guru, we welcome all, and are happy to accommodate anyone interested in our services.

Is your personal styling service offered to maternity women?

Yes, we are here to help everyone.


Reasons behind your pricing?

Our pricing includes the hourly work it Intel’s for your personal stylist to search different brands and online retail stores to best accommodate you and your individual needs, giving you exactly what you want and nothing that you don’t, to bring you accuracy with advising you for a better and more efficient shopping experience.

How do I edit my information?

You can edit all of your personal information right on your Members profile.

Is my personal email shared with all of Style Me Guru's members?

This is entirely up to you, if you wish to not have your personal email address shared with other members on our website, leave that information off your page.

Why do you need my phone number?

Your phone number is used to better assist you and all of your need when booking a service.

Your phone number will only be used when booking a consultant through Skype or FaceTime.

Why do you need my credit card information?

Your credit card information is needed, and will only be used upon booking a service, granted this options of payment is decided entirely by you, given we also offer an alternative method of payment to our with the use of PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo.

Either way you decide your information will be secure.

When will my credit card be charged when I book a service?

Your credit card information will be charged immediately. Once the payment has posted to our account your stylist will reach out to further the process with your service.

All other payment deductions when you make another purchase. The decision is entirely up to you.

When will I receive my personal stylist - tailored looks?

Allow 2 to 3 business days for your payment method to post to our accounts. Once this process has been complete your stylist will then reach out to you start your styling process.

Can I switch to a different stylist?

The relationship you develop with your stylist is the foundation of your styling experience, and so we encourage you to take the time to work with and get to know your stylist before considering changing stylists. All of our stylists are trained, professional members of our in-house styling team and meet our exacting standards of style and service, and are all equally qualified to work with you.

That said, we want you to have the best experience possible, and appreciate that sometimes things just don’t click. If you feel this is the case, please Email with a brief explanation of why you’d like to work with a different stylist and we’ll transfer your account and style history to another stylist so you can get started with her right away.

Can I choose a particular stylist?

You are matched with your stylist as part of our sign-up process. Your stylist is automatically selected by our system.


Who do I contact if I have problems receiving my goods?

Style Me Guru, is a fashion e-commerce website, where we aggregate different fashion sites in a single place with a universal shopping cart, tailored by women's body types. And a styling service for those seeking a more personalized shopping experience, it does not sell direct to its customers. We want the best range of fashion from brands and retailers around the world for our customers and we do so by hand selecting merchandise in to one convenient location and then redirects customers to the source website to complete the purchase. If you have any concerns with a purchase you originally found from the Style Me Guru’s website, please contact the retailer directly with whom you purchased the item from.

What is the process of returning goods?

All sales terms, shipping and returns are the responsibility of the retailer, not Style Me Guru. Please refer to the Delivery & Returns policies of each affiliated store (retailer) for more information.


Can't find what your looking for?

If you cannot locate exactly what you need, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email for further assistance.

I have a complaint. How do I get help?

If something has gone wrong, we want to make it right. For support or concerns about your account and or Membership, please Email:

What are the rules when using Style Me Guru's website?

Our rules are simple, be kind and considerate. If you like our service, don’t keep it to yourself, tell everyone you know. If you want to get involved and you think you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always looking to advance our team. And the last but certainly not the least, have fun and enjoy the new and improved you.